Biblical Feast : Productions

Each year we teach about the Biblical Feasts and it’s always a challenge to come up with new ideas on how to impart the information in a way that is not only fun and effective but also entertaining for our kids who have been with us from the start.

In the past we have done arts & crafts, lapbooking, puppet shows, plays, Davidic dance and even LEGOS!

Check out the end of year project our kids made using LEGOS and stop animation!

This year, our kids decided they wanted to do MORE plays and Davidic dance, but rather than do LIVE stage productions, we opted to make mini-movies or “shorts” that can be enjoyed and shared on social media in order to be an educational and spiritual outreach to our virtual communities.

This year our secondary kids will have the opportunity to learn about video recording techniques, video editing, sound effects, lighting, etc. This will help give them skills that are being utilized in the “real world” while still making the information about Biblical Feast days accessible and fun for them on their level!