Co-op Fees

Required Books

MOEDIM does not have an extensive required book list for the 2015-16 school year. We understand how expensive homeschooling can be, and we also realize that families may have differing preferences and approaches. Our choices for this year have been a collaborative decision.

Hebrew Classes
Our K3-K5 Hebrew class and Intermediate Hebrew class (Elementary) will be using various selections from the Sarah & David Hebrew curriculum. These workbooks will be provided for students at a low printing fee.

Our Hebrew I and Hebrew II classes (Middle/High School) will be using The First Hebrew Primer from EKS Publishing. Additionally, students will be asked to have a binder, paper, pencil, and index cards.

Biblical Feasts Classes
Our Elementary class will do a hands on activity or craft. Our K3-K5 class will do a similar craft or the same craft if it is age appropriate. There is no required book.

Our Secondary Biblical Feasts class (6th-12th grade) will learn how to prepare traditional Feast Day food items and participate in planning co-op Feast celebrations. There is no required book.

Early American History & Homesteading
Details coming soon.

Science of Medicinal Herbs
Details coming soon.

PE Classes (Davidic Dance)
Details coming soon.

Registration & Supply Fees

In addition to any required books, some classes will have a small, annual supply fee to cover any materials purchased for group experiments or activities, etc. Supply fees are a one-time fee and cover the entire year. All supply fees will be determined in our upcoming planning meeting in late July.

General Co-op Registration Fee: $30 per family, annually

Supply Fees to be determined.: