MOEDIM Commitment

MOEDIM Homeschool Co-op exists as a ministry to homeschool families in the San Antonio area. We aspire to support, encourage and uplift Messianic homeschoolers and others homeschoolers who desire to learn about the Biblical Feasts or participate with us as fellow believers in our other homeschool activities.

As long time homeschooling families, many of us have seen how wonderful homeschooling can be and how rewarding it can be to be a part of a co-op with like-minded families. The activities, the fellowship, the encouragement and the accountability enhance the blessing that we experience in homeschooling.

However, occasionally we find that as homeschool families, we may try to do “too much” in the effort to provide a well-rounded education for our kids. When this happens, our lives become out of balance. We may find that we are spending too much time going to different classes and activities that we neglect that which is most important. In most cases families and marriages suffer, and sometimes families decide that they can no longer continue all the activities they had planned.

As you can imagine, occurrences like this negatively affect the flow and continuity of the co-op, as we are an organization built on the hard work of our family volunteers. As such, we would like you to seriously consider your decision to commit to this group. We encourage each family member (even those not attending co-op) to agree to complete the full co-op year, in an effort to prevent any mid-year complications that may require your family to withdrawal before the end of the year. Please remember we each have a part to play and each job is very important, and your family is a vital part of our team and integral to the success of this co-op.

Therefore, we are asking that you carefully consider joining MOEDIM as a family and prayerfully consider whether you will be able to keep your Vertical Alignment in place with all that you have on your plate for the upcoming school year.

“God –  Family – Business”
(School, Work, Extracurricular Activities, etc  all fall under the “business of life” )

Keeping this order of things in mind when planning your school year is vitally important. If you do things in reverse order, then you may find you don’t have time for prayer, Bible Study, date nights, or special recreational family activities that help keep the foundation of your family strong.

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” Mark 8:36

If the foundations of the family are destroyed, what’s the homeschooling family to do? We want to help families avoid situations where they are put under undue stress. We want to come alongside you as experienced homeschoolers and provide this caution, so that you can learn from the experiences of others and avoid the difficulties and hardships yourself. Also, this will enable us as an organization to ensure that only families where BOTH parents are in agreement and fully committed to the group are allowed to participate.

Please take some time to think about ALL the things that make up your daily life during the school year. Include everything, such as volunteer positions, part-time jobs, clubs, Bible Studies, Scouts, Church Attendance, Missions Trips, sports, practices, recitals, competitions, park days, even online groups that you administer. And of course, don’t forget the hours that you spend at home, actually “doing school” whether it be assignments, tests or other activities. Consider the time it takes to get to these places, traffic, gas and your budget. Another frequent thing we hear is that families hadn’t considered the cost of transportation to get to activities. Families who share a vehicle or use public transportation need to especially consider how their activities will work around these situations. A reliable vehicle or mode of transportation is vital to being able to commit to attend co-op.