Biblical Hebrew Classes

At MOEDIM Home School Co-op, all of our students (Pre-K to 12th) study the Hebrew language. Moms are also encouraged to learn Hebrew alongside their children.

This year we’ll be studying Paleo Hebrew (which refers to the picture meaning of each Hebrew letter), the modern letters and sounds. This aspect of Hebrew will provide an introduction to the Hebrew for beginners, and will give returning students more insight to the depth of the language.

In previous years, we’ve used the Sarah and David Program for our Primary and Elementary students, while our Secondary students studied The First Hebrew Primer.


Why Should We Learn Hebrew?
Hebrew is the original language of the Bible, so naturally, knowing it will help us more fully understand Scripture. God spoke Hebrew when giving the Torah (first 5 books) to Moses, the prophets prophesied in Hebrew, and even Yeshua (Jesus) and the New Testament authors spoke it. Studying Hebrew gives new insight to Scripture that was previously buried under translations. It has been said that to read the Bible in English is to read it in black and white, but to read it in Hebrew is to read it in color!